Introducing one photographer that we’re claiming as our own, Trey aka #MrWednesday.

No doubt you’ve seen his work all over Instagram.  Especially if you follow some of Australia’s finest gals.  He has taken the glamour world here Down Under by storm.  We’ve heard reports that this man, churns through shoots like no tomorrow, and has had to knock back models because he just doesn’t have enough time to shoot them.  Now that is a problem indeed.  We need you to shoot them!

What set off this domination, is what he’s affectionately coined as the #treyangle.  A play on words if you may, where the angle of the model’s legs help form a perfect equilateral  triangle.  Case in point…

He has traveled all over Australia, and has shot in some pretty epic locations (and kicked out of just as many from the stories we hear.)  We will have a full interview with him, once he stops to catch his breath and has a couple of JD & Cokes, and ask why he’s called Mr Wednesday.  Until then, feast your eyes on some of his images from his Instagram.

Make sure to follow him on Instagram: @tristanmanas